I’m soooo sleeeeepy. Dunno why, got 8 hours last night. But it was a very tiring weekend. Friday night, George and I met Chris and Teresa for dinner, before they went to a concert at the House of Blues. Then we went to the pub for a few minutes, nothing terribly exciting or anything. Everyone was saving up for the bachelor/bachelorette parties on Saturday night.

On Saturday I went to the mall, bought a new shirt and some new shoes, then went over to Annie’s to help make bird seed sachets for the wedding. I finally met her sister, Claudia, who I really like. We had a bit of wine and cheese, then I went home to get ready for the bachelorette party. Meanwhile, George was meeting the guys for the bachelor party.

The girls had fun. We took the streetcar to the Columns, a hotel on St. Charles. I used to live practically across the street, but I’d never been until this weekend. We drank mint juleps…how sophisticated. After a while there, we headed across St Charles to the Mayfair, and stayed there for a while. Yes, we imbibed a lot (and I made a drunken “I love you maaaan” call to my sister) but at least we didn’t fistfight…unlike the guys. Okay, maybe “fistfight” isn’t quite accurate, but those boys…I swear…this is why they need the civilizing influence of women. They argued, they fought, they insulted each other, and in the end, they left poor Nick to wander around the Quarter until the first ferry at 6 a.m. I say “Poor Nick” but really, he told us on Sunday, that was his favorite part of the night.

Sunday was spent recovering, and on Monday morning I went for a planned 14-15 mile run with Peggy. We were supposed to go to Diamondhead, but Emily was sick, so we just went to Audubon Park. Because of the raw spots on my feet (caused by the brand new heels I wore on Saturday night), I wasn’t exactly feeling 100%, so we ended up doing about 12 miles. And walking the last three. In 3.5 hours. Yeah. Our speed doesn’t exactly bode well for the marathon. Not that I’m worried. I know yesterday was a fluke.

Spent the rest of yesterday cleaning my house. It’s spick-and-span! My mother would be so proud.