Ok, well, he apologized. And today I’m supposed to be able to go pick up cash. Including the NSF fee. So at least that’s something. But I’m still mad.

Now on to happier things…leaving today for DC! Ack! Had dinner last night with Peggy and Emily, which was really fun. I do love those girls. (Can I call Peggy a girl, even though she’s two decades older than me? Of course!) On Tuesday night we had dinner with Lindsay and Colin and Vince at Jacque-Imo’s. Awwww, crap, that place is so so so good! On top of the soup, salad, and entree (and corn muffins), the waiter brought us three desserts to “share”. But Colin was very protective of his white chocolate bread pudding, Vince of his banana cream pie and I of the vanilla bean creme brulee. Beware anyone who tries to invade its sugary caramalized crust with their spoon! It will be mine! All mine!! Ah ah ha ha ha (um, pirate laugh.) Fortunately for them, George and Lindsay didn’t really want any dessert. Suckers!!!

Poor George thought he lost his cell phone at the restaurant or at the bar we went to afterwards. Alas, it was actually in the washing machine. After the cycle had run. Silly boy.