Shout out to Kettie and Maura! Tee hee. Had a great time having dinner at Pho Tau Bay and then drinks at the Old Point. Saw Brandi at the Old Point, who I haven’t seen in a year, at least. My head was stuffed full of goo. Still is. Blech. Chris is coming over later to help me at Irene’s party. I promised him we’d go out afterwards, but I might die if we do. We’ll see. Maybe he’ll be content with drinking a bottle of wine afterwards? I can only hope…


Had a meeting this morning. Was treated like a secretary. Blech. “Go make 5 copies of blah blah” and then after I spent 15 minutes making the copies, were they even glanced at? No indeed. Was I briefed on what I missed? No I was not. Blech.

On the bright side…Thanksgiving at work today. Yum. Lots of good food. Too much. Will I even be able to move on Thursday’s race? Roll 5 miles, more like it.

Saturday night, I’m working at a party for my boss for a few extra bucks. Woo.

Molarthon ’03

So on the spur of the moment, I decided to do a 5K yesterday in Audubon Park. Here’s the report I posted to the drs list:

So here’s my race report for the Molarthon ’03 5K.

(and DON’T SKIP TO THE BOTTOM! that’d be cheating!)

…I get to Audubon Park at about 8:45 am, the race starts at 9. I register, use the restroom, and then go line up. It’s a small race, and I line up in the middle, behind the obvious walkers but behind the speedy runners. It’s warm, 70 degrees, sunny, a little humid – great weather for a picnic, but not ideal when one is trying to break a PR. (33:38, for the record, set at the Fat Boy 5K back in April.)

So the gun goes off, I start to run. Not too fast, not too slow. The great thing about doing a 5K in this park is that I’m very very familiar with it. I know where all the quarter mile splits are painted on the path, so I can easily see how I’m doing (since there isn’t anyone calling out mile splits). I hit the first quarter mile in 2:35. Whoops, a bit faster than I wanted, but it feels fine. I wanted to stick with 2:45 for 11 minute miles. I slow down a tiny bit and finish the first mile in 10:33. Dang!

I’m getting hot, blah blah blah. The turnaround is at 1.55 miles, which is kind of a pain because the middle mile splits are kinda weird. There’s water at the halfway point, and the guy giving out water gives it to the two people in front of me, but not me. Nice. So I try to grab some off the table, can’t get a hold on any. Spill.

Ooops. The guy apologizes and hands me some. I manage to toss a bit in the direction of my mouth. Fine. Two point one miles comes at 22:30, that’s a 11:57 1.1 mile. Whatever that means. I have a little over 11 minutes to finish with a PR and I’m hot. And breathing hard.

But I think of Julia and that I’m not going to die or anything! I think of what EB said too. So I push on.

I pass a woman who is thin. Yay! (I’m not thin, nowhere close, so this is a small victory for the erm, “large-boned” among us.)

Next three quarter miles in under 2:45. This is good. I might PR by a few seconds. Better than nothing, I figure.

Nearing the end. I look at my watch. I speed up, somehow. (I can collapse when it’s over, just get to the end, dangit!)

I see the clock. It still says 32:xx. I’m not very far!

Gaaa! Now I’m excited! I get to the finish line at 33:09. yay! yay!

yay! Last mile in 10:40! Dang! Woah!

Now I think I’ll definitely PR in the 2 mile race on Dec 13. Just my first and last miles add up to a PR, and maybe then it’ll be even cooler.

This was a great race, not just because of my new PR, but also because of the goody bag. This being the Molarthon, and put on by the New Orleans Dental Hygenists Association, I got two nice toothbrushes, three things of toothpaste, floss out the wazoo, listerine, etc, etc. Ya!

After the race, George, Polly, Colin and I went to Abita Springs to the Abita brewery tour. It was very fun – and lots of free beer. We got there, they let you into the taproom, drink, drink, drink, then tour (which was maybe 15 minutes) then back to the taproom, drink, drink, drink. As I was the driver, I didn’t drink as much as the others, but it was nevertheless fun fun fun. We went and ate at the Abita Brewpub, appropriately enough, after the tour.


Oh man, I have to beat 21:52 at the Celebration in the Oaks 2 mile race to beat my PR. I’ve done this race twice. Surely I can better my PR one more time! This morning I ran 2 miles in a bit over 23 minutes. Gotta do it in two fewer minutes! Hmmm. I think I can do that.


Seriously, it just doesn’t get any cuter than this:

except, maybe this:


The other day I was thinking about all of the people I’ve met recently because of TNT, or my new job, or whatever, and it occurred to me that a lot of my new friends are women in their early 50s. There’s Peggy, my TNT running partner; Bonnie and Janice at work; and Cilla in Austin, my running guru. These are all incredible women, in their own ways. Except for Janice, they’re all childless, and I wonder if this is part of why I am so drawn to them. They are all kind, giving, and wise women, and in their own way, I find myself wanting to be adopted by each of them. They all mother me in some sort of way, but I also get along with them as if they were my own age. It is a wonderful, but odd feeling. I’m not even sure why it’s odd. I wish there was some way to pay tribute to these women. Sometimes I feel so fortunate and so blessed by my friends (all of them, not just the ones mentioned above) that I wish I could bombard them with gifts and cards and cakes and parties, just to show my appreciation. I have such wonderful friends. Sigh.


Went to the Navy gym with Terry this morning. Ran only a bit over a mile because I wanted to do arm weights as well. My short term goal is just to get fast enough to beat my PR in the Celebration in the Oaks 2 mile race in December. 22:30 or something, I think.

Last night, George and I went to see the Matrix. It was okay, I guess. I liked the first movie, but then it just got too too complicated for me. And it was just a lot of rehashed fighting and stuff from the last movie. Hmmm.

Supposed to get cold tomorrow. Yay!


Went running with Polly this morning. Yay! She’s training to do the Celebration in the Oaks 2 mile race in December. It’s one of my favorites. I think it’s the only race that I have a “streak” in, too. Not saying much, but at least I’ve done it every (er, both) year since I started running! Oh, wait, I could say that about the Mardi Gras half marathon too. Guess I’ll have to do that in February. Well, that’s okay, I was planning to anyway.

New Car!


So my mom calls me on Saturday morning to tell me that we’re not going to spend $750 getting the brakes fixed on my crappy car, but instead, I’m to drive to Baton Rouge ASAP to pick up the Toyota Corolla my mom picked out for me. Yay! A reliable car! Yay! A shiny car with decent paint job! Yay! The odometer works…the passenger window works…the driver’s seat is adjustable…etc, etc. Yay!

So that’s my cousin Rob in the picture with me. He works at Price LeBlanc Toyota. Now, if you grew up in the Baton Rouge area, you’d know who Price LeBlanc is. He’s been older than God for as long as I’ve been alive, and so you can only imagine how old he is now. (God + 28 years old.) So we met him, he harrassed George for a bit, we got our sausage, etc. Was very exciting.


84 freaking degrees! This is unbearable. It’s November 6, and it’s hot. And humid. Blech. Will it ever feel like the holidays?


Ran today. First time since the marathon. Yeah, I went to the gym last week but I only did the stationary bike. But today…2.3 miles in 25 minutes on the treadmill. Lovely. Felt great. My left leg is still a little sore, but not too bad. Weirdly enough, it felt fine at the marathon (after the first few miles and pills).

So I’m excited to be running again. I wonder if it’s because there’s no pressure. I really want to get a faster 5K time. And improve my time on the Celebration in the Oaks 2 miler. I really think I can do that. Last year I finished in 22:55 or something. Maybe it was faster than that. I need to go back and look. I’ve hardly done any 5Ks this year, only 1, I think, and I really want to do some soon. Maybe I should sign up for some now.