4 lbs down! Finally. After last week’s overall loss of .4 lbs, I was pretty discouraged. But it just took my body a little time to catch up. And clearly, steak for dinner on Saturday helped. Hmmm. Must remember that.

Oddly, I made red beans and rice for dinner the other night. I don’t really like red beans and rice. Or so I thought. Really, I don’t like the smell of it, but I like the way it tastes. But only the way I make it. Without onions or, god forbid, celery. No one really puts celery in red beans and rice, do they? Who knows. People here like to sneak it into everything. Blech!

I should post this picture of the boys all in the tub. This was their first bath together. Logistically, it was a bit more challenging than bathing them one at a time, but it went faster. Since I’m the baby bather, I like this way better. George doesn’t like it as much. Sorry, dear!

Last night I went for a walk with my friend Mary Catherine, her daughter Millie, and the boys. Pushing the triple stroller for an hour while walking fast was quite the challenge. I should be buff in no time! I also bought a workout DVD that I am determined to do at some point (tonight?) but frankly, I’m scared of it.

I watch The Biggest Loser, people. I know how scary Jillian is!

Okay. This was a lame post. For that I apologize. I will try to be more interesting next time.

12 thoughts on “Wooo!

  1. regan

    I am about to buy that dvd too! All of my bloggy friends have it and, dear god, they are all starting to look incredible and say it is because of that dvd.


  2. Lani

    Ok, you inspired me to try the big bathtub tonight. I’ve been too ckicken up to this point! But quicker sounds good to me.
    You’ll have to post a review of the dvd!


  3. Amy H

    You could never be lame! PLUS…I found out I’m not the only one that watches Biggest Loser! I USED to watch it while eating a big bowl of ice cream (I think I was prego with the trips then). Today, I watched the recording and did abs during any of the “workout” clips. Not so hard since they didn’t workout that much this week! =)


  4. Misty

    Congrats on the 4lbs. I hope you do a review on the Dvd. Oh, as for the celery, I never put it in my red beans either. I cna’t stand it! And I’m from NO! I know it is suppose to be part of the holy trinity of cooking, but I’m not the best Catholic either.


  5. Amy H

    Okay, I’m officially a goober because this is my 3rd comment on this one post…but I HAVE to share. 1st, I went shopping Friday for clothes…for me…with a friend, her 16mo and my 3 14mo’s. And guess what size pants I got!? NO. Guess! Okay, I’ll tell you…10! 10!?!?!?! I was SHOCKED. And today, I got on the scale. Are you sitting down? 170! What? I haven’t been that low since after my 2nd kid was born! When I started my triplet pregnancy I was 182. At my 6 week post-op checkup I was 190. Go me! I’m SO excited! So I thought I’d share…with you…and the hundreds of people now reading my public comment!


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