Lovely day!

Not today, yesterday actually. Well, scratch that. It’s after midnight, so really it was two days ago. I decided, while looking outside my office windows that it was too too gorgeous outside, and I couldn’t possibly stay inside for another gorgeous day, and decided to take Friday off. I knew my triplet-mama-friend Steph was taking her trio to the zoo, so I emailed her and asked if we could join them, and she said, “great!”

The boys are only going to be 9 months and three weeks old once, and I needed to just be with them, to soak in their 9-month-and-three-week-ness. It was just a perfect, lovely day. After I ran some errands, I picked up the boys from daycare and we headed to the zoo. I packed lunch for all of us. With Steph and her friend with two older kids, we wandered around the zoo. We got a few stares and comments (even a few “are those sextuplets??”) but mostly we were left alone. It was such a beautiful day, really.

We got there right before noon, so after a little while, we headed to a grassy area, spread out some blankets, and let the babies crawl around while we ate. The boys had never been on grass before, but they seemed to like it. Steph’s babies were reluctant to get on it. Pretty funny. They’d crawl to the edge of the blanket and tentatively brush the grass with their little hands. Eventually, they gave in, thanks to the undeniable tempations of dead leaves and sticks. Mmmm, leaves. Yum. (Why can’t I get them to eat finger foods, but they will eat leaves? Why?) Post-lunch, we went and looked at some more animals.

After Steph and her friend took off, I decided to stay and go back to our picnic spot and let the boys crawl around some more. They were just so happy. God, it was a wonderful day. Just one of those perfect, perfect days that stay etched in your memory. (My last one was from London in 2000, drinking Pimms & Lemonade in the beer garden of a pub in the East End with my best friends. Perfect day.)

Must share some pictures, of course…

Oliver and the flamingos:

Linus loved the gorillas

I love this picture of all the babies. You can see Linus pulling on Steph’s nannie’s shirt, which makes me laugh. They will climb up anything, anyone, everything!

My sweet babies.

Random shot of Oliver and Miles:

Baby pileup!

After all of the fun at the zoo, I picked up George at the house and we headed to his grandpa’s, so he could see the boys. They were very sweet to their great-grandpa. But I know what Oliver’s thinking here. “Glasses! I want the glasses! Hand ’em over, Gramps!”

George and I got a lot done around the house yesterday, with the boys at George’s parents’ house. We put some stuff on craigslist for free, and it was like vultures swarming. Heh. But we’re now down two bookcases and a sofa. Whew! Room to breathe!

11 thoughts on “Lovely day!

  1. katie

    what a fun and beautiful day. the weather has been really nice here too. love the pic of the boys together in the grass…I always love seeing pics of your handsome boys!!!


  2. Helen Ransom

    That sounds like a fun day! On Friday I had a play date of sorts with another triplet mom and we had someone ask if they were sextuplets too.

    And yeah, mine like to try to eat leaves too… and bark mulch. I think that’s their favorite. Must be a boy thing.


  3. loren

    I love the pic of Linus sticking his tongue out! And I have no clue what the leaf appeal is. Someone should design a snack that looks like yard waste!


  4. Swistle

    ZOMG, they are TOO CUTE, I CAN’T stand it!

    You won one of the Milk and Cookies gift certificates to Can you email me your email address, and my boss will get your certificate to you.


  5. Swistle

    Oh, wait! Sorry! Am dim! Your email address is accessible to me even though it’s not shown in the comment section! Forgot I had WordPress superpowers! Never mind!


  6. Merneenooner

    Awwwwww, shucks. Sniff. Blub. Our East End pimms ‘n lemonade bonanza rates as one of your perfect days? It so was as well!! Totally perfect. And a bit hazy…


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