It’s been twenty years

Today marks twenty years since my dad died. Instead of posting the same old pictures for the, well, twentieth time, I dug through my boxes of pictures to find some new ones. And if you want to read more about my dad and what an awesome guy he was, this post about the annual golf tournament that Blue Cross still holds annually in his memory is a good read.

Now that’s a handsome dude.
Coolest family on Earth.

I like how these pictures are basically the same, just a few years apart.

Man, was THAT ever a great first day of school outfit! And perm. Oof. The 80s were not kind.
This must’ve been around late 95 or so, judging by my “Rachel”. (Also it was my brother and SIL’s engagement party.)

I sure did love my Daddy.

I also wrote about him here, here, and here.

Whatcha got?

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