Sunny weekend

We had a nice weekend ’round these parts. It was a bit hot and humid, but we stayed busy and the boys stayed healthy. Can’t ask for much more than that!

Friday night, I went to a party for our local triplet mom’s group. That was fun. Mmmm, party food. I really tried to restrain myself, and I did okay. Until the petit fours were brought out. Eeeevil! But worth it.

On Saturday, we hit the aquarium with Granny and Grandpa. Took the ferry over..




Then looked at some fishies…

And played and played and played. No pictures of that part, I was too busy chasing Miles, who kept running from tank to tank, saying “I like-a dat fish! I like-a dat fish!”

After the aquarium, we had pizza for dinner and played outside some more.



They even played with our friend’s dog. (Side note…the boys are generally terrified of dogs, just as I was when I was little. Can I tell you how much it annoys me when people tell my two year olds “oh, doggy’s not going to hurt you! It’s okay!” I mean, geez. The kids are screaming in terror…I’m trying to keep my kids out of the same room as your dog, so can you try to keep your dog out of the room with my kids? Grrr.) They’re fine if they can approach the dog first.

On Sunday, we had a birthday party to go to. The boys played in their first bouncy castle/space walk/moon walk, whatever you call it. I was so proud of them! They’re normally a bit scared of these kinds of things.




And there was cake! So cute!

Afterwards, the boys needed a bath, bad.

They sat in the tub! This is huge. They haven’t sat down in the tub for about a year. I hope it continues, it sure makes bath time easier.

So that was our weekend. Fun!

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