Day 3, done!

Not a hugely eventful day, but every day down is a day that the babies will be healthier when they’re born. So I’ll take uneventful days anytime right now.

Not to say it didn’t have it’s fun and exciting parts. Lisa (my cousin) came to visit in the morning and she brought me a huge stack of magazines. A woman after my own heart! I mean, good stuff, too – Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Oprah (I may not watch her show but I love her magazine), two issues of People, US, Domino…good stuff!

She hung out for a while, and then a little while later my old co-workers from Delta Queen, Janice and Kelly, came by. They work here now, which is awesome. And Janice lives down the street from us, so she can bring me things from home if George can’t come visit one day.

Then there was the monitoring – a truly NOT fun part of the day. Of course it’s comforting to hear the babies’ heartbeats, but it’s hard – so hard – to keep them all on at the same time, and after 45 minutes of sitting in one position to get 20 minutes of heart rates, my back starts to hurt. So I shift positions slightly, and…no, still painful. And now the sensors have moved and we have to find the babies again. Gaah!

All for the best, though.

The rest of the day was spent napping, working, talking on the phone, and getting this GORGEOUS plant. Oh, please let me not kill it, it’s so beautiful! In case you can’t tell, it’s a white hydrangea from Kristina, Mike, Anne and Bill. I carried white hydrangeas as my wedding bouquet – that’s how much I love them.

Today should be v exciting. I have lots of fun visitors coming, and someone is going to take me down to the atrium in a wheelchair. First time I’ve left the room since I checked in on Sunday!

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  1. Jessica

    Just found your blog through the Quad’s blog. Wow! Triplets! I’ll have to check back in with you! How wonderful!


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