Day 4 in the hospital

Am trying my hardest to post every day…what else do I have to do, after all? But for real, the days go by much faster than I could have imagined. I was supposed to call the phone company days ago, but I just can’t seem to find five minutes in my brutal schedule of TV, naps, checking my email, eating, and getting my blood pressure taken. What can I say? I’m a busy woman. Heh.

Yesterday was particularly busy, I had a slew of visitors. It really made the day fly by. Janice and Kelly came by to bring me clothes from home, Lindsay stopped by with fancy dessert, my in-laws came by with chocolate, my friend Brandi came by with her teeny tiny 8 week old son, Ethan, then my mom came with a friend of hers, and THEN George came by and THEN Barry and THEN Stephanie and Mary Catherine. It was just a fun day.

I got all sorts of treats and fun stuff, too. Mostly food related (Mary Catherine, like the good southern girl she is, brought homemade cake, even though she’s 8 months pregnant herself) but also a poinsettia from my mom (that I can’t kill) and various goodies from George.

Best part of the day, though, had to be taking the wheelchair down with George, Barry, MC, and Steph down to the atrium. Just getting out of the room was exciting! But to do so with friends was even better.

Talked to my doctor, they’re going to do a growth scan of the babies sometime soon, hopefully this week. It’s been two and a half weeks since the last one and I’m curious to know how big the babies are. Plus, it’s got to be the most-asked question I get from my visitors, so it’d be nice to have an answer.

So, that’s about it for now. Just got my blood drawn again (mmm, fun) and today we’re doing another 24 urine collection. Oh, the joys!

3 thoughts on “Day 4 in the hospital

  1. Erickson 5

    Your post has brought back memories for me. I had my triplets June 1, 2004! Hang in there. My blood pressure got high in the end too and I delieverd at 33w5d. I spent 10 days in the hospital at one point and that was not much fun. You are doing a great job! The last few weeks can get long and uncomfortable but hang in there! Nicole


  2. mrsgingergrl

    Oh did I miss that you’re in the hospital? it sounds like things are going well though, very relaxing! You’re doing great – enjoy the sleep now. :)The two days before my c-section I had to be monitored non stop, all three babies. It was HELL, it brought me to the edge of insanity! No one can understand what it’s like unless they live it!


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