Fun, if tiring, weekend

We had a great, fun, but very busy weekend. So busy that I was told by three separate people that I look tired. The guy at Wal-mart didn’t even know I have triplets, so it must be true. I blame my Kindle, though, truly. Now that I have books to read, I end up going to sleep later than I should.

So the weekend started on Friday, when the boys and I drove to Baton Rouge to spend the night at Grandee & Larry’s house. We had a birthday party to go to bright and early on Saturday morning for my friend Hadley’s boys. I can’t believe they’re four!

The party was great fun. Except for some little girl that the boys were growling at and scaring away. Ha ha ha!

Is this not the scariest pirate you’ve ever seen?



We spent the rest of the day shopping for fall clothes (it is ridiculously difficult to find hoodies, for some reason) and so yes, I guess I was tired. And frustrated. But I finally found some. The boys were obsessed with the little ride on toys at the outlet mall, though, and since my mom and I were short on quarters, there were a lot of tears involved. But some smiles too.



We headed back home that evening, because on Sunday morning, we were having pictures taken! We got the boys dressed, fed, and to the park by 9 am. Whew! I don’t have any pictures from that, obviously, because I wasn’t the one taking the pictures. I think they’ll end up looking good, though.

Here’s where the day gets sad. I promised the boys that we’d go to the zoo and ride on the carousel if they were good for the pictures. I used this bribe over and over again, and so after the pictures were done, we headed over to the zoo. Only to see a sign at the entrance that the carousel was closed for maintenance.

I was so upset for the boys. I knew they’d be devastated. And so we walked over to the carousel so we could show them that it wasn’t running.

So sad.





Man, I hope it reopens soon. We can’t go to the zoo if the carousel isn’t working, it’s just going to cause more tears. Ugh.

Fortunately, the boys can be made happy with the same thing that makes me happy. Cookies!



and a giant dinosaur:

After the zoo, we went to our friend Annabel’s birthday party. There was coloring and glitter and a slide and all sorts of fun!


On Wednesday, Linus and I leave for a trip to Virginia to hang out with Emily, my niece, while my sister and brother-in-law to go the Caribbean. I have a feeling it’s not going to help my “tired” look, but it’ll be fun!

3 thoughts on “Fun, if tiring, weekend

  1. Kami

    Hey Pam-

    I ran into one of your cousins this weekend at a soccer game. We really need to get together the next time you are in BR. I would love to meet you and your cuties!

    (Four Little Lambes’ momma)


  2. Carrie

    So I usually never comment but I love reading your blog! I just had to add that I love when people say you look tired (heavy sarcasm). They should just flat out say, ‘wow, you look like crap!. I don’t care if I see someone that looks like they haven’t slept in a month, I’m never saying, wow you look tired!


  3. Jennifer

    Oh no! That carousel being down is a total bummer for the kids! But cookies are always a great “make up” bribe, too.
    Have fun with Em! Think she’ll enjoy having you and Linus around…


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