Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today my dad would have been 71 years old. I’m sure he’s doing just what he always wanted to do on his birthday, namely playing golf at the big golf course in the sky. And not getting a huge birthday party. We threw him a big party when he turned 55, I think, and he did not like that. He passed away shortly before his 60th birthday, in part, we think, to avoid another surprise party.

Always had to get the last laugh, eh Dad?

Of course, in my opinion, the real last laugh happened when he caused my one cute baby to turn into three. Nice one!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Daddy!

  1. Karen

    I lost my dad 2 years ago to esphogael cancer. I know how hard the anniversaries, birthday & holidays can be.
    He would be so proud of you and those beautiful boys!…George too 🙂


  2. Libby

    Hi there, I am 13 weeks with triplets and just have to know where you got the wagon that I see your boys in. I have to have this. And think it is the cutest thing in the world


  3. melissa

    I lost my dad 8 years ago come October,and I lost my mom 6 monhs ago. My dad would have been turning 71 this coming August. I see my dad in my boys everyday, sometimes it is just a quick second a certain way they move or look in a certain light, do you see your dad in your boys?
    I get sad my boys will never meet them, but plan to tell them all about them!


  4. cindy

    Oh and because I clicked submit before I was done, I think its so sweet that he made your one baby three…What a wonderful gift 🙂 Sweet tribute to your Daddy, Pam. I know you miss him. *HUGS*


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