Me Made May – week 3!

I’m a few days late with this post, only because the first part of the week was so busy with various anniversaries of births and deaths. (Quite the roller coaster of emotions.)

Anyway, here we go!

May 15: Plaid Cashmerette Springfield

May 16: Went shoe shopping in my Cashmerette Washington.


May 17: Exhausted in my (wait for it…) Cashmerette Concord (I swear I’m working on another color!)


May 18: Uh oh. Got pulled over in my Seamwork Akita top and (not shown here) Patterns for Pirates Linen Loungers shorts.

May 19: I wore a lot of stuff I made today, so I’m going to share two pictures. One is this amazing jumping picture with some of my classmates at our 25th high school reunion (wearing my Blank Slate Patterns Leralynn), and the other is the (ahem, self-drafted) skirt I ended up making at the last minute out of this metallic scuba fabric. (The dress I was working on for weeks just wasn’t doing it for me, but I’m going to wear it this weekend.) Ren likes to pose me for pictures. Don’t I look like a (shoeless) ballerina (sitting on a bench in the hallway of the hotel)?

May 20: Stopped for pie on the way home in those Linen Loungers I mentioned earlier (that’s the second pair I made) and the ubiquitous purple Concord. (Grape, even!)

May 21: Posing like Ren tried to teach me (“stand with one foot kind of up and to the side and oh, I don’t know”) to in the first Akita I ever made but never wore (it’s a tad small, but it’s wearable.)