25 year reunion!

It’s getting to be overwhelming but if I put it off much longer, I’ll just never do it. So I’ll just do it.

The most important thing was my 25th high school reunion, which I already posted a little bit about in my last post, since I wore a bunch of clothes I made to it. But it was more than just showing off my sewing prowess, believe it or not. Getting to hang out in Natchitoches (Na-ka-tish, duh) brings back such fond memories and of course getting to see friends I hardly ever see is so great.

I wish I’d taken more pictures, though. So let me give a quick (?) recap.

Friday, Ren and I drove up, somehow managing to miss major rains and flooding in New Orleans, but not missing the police officer waiting for me to do 51 in a 35 in a small town near Bunkie. (“Let’s take the scenic route,” said Ren. “It’ll be nice,” said Ren.)

We got to town around 9, dropped our stuff off at the hotel (there’s a hotel now! In “downtown” Natchitoches!) and went to the college student union to meet up with our friends. Yay friends! After a little while of not at all feeling awkward because why on earth? we went to get daiquiris at the one of the multiple drive through daiquiri places Natchitoches boasts. (First of course we went to the classic, Maggio’s, but we ended up at a new place, The Filling Station, which is just as classy as it sounds.)


Then back to the hotel where we ordered pizza and stayed up and talked and giggled until 1am.

The next morning, we got up and went to meet everyone in front of the high school building for a picture with the rest of the class of ’93. Well, the others who showed up anyway. There were only about 30 people there, which was sad, but yay for at least those 30 people!





Well, at least the building hasn’t changed.

Then we took that jumping picture and wandered around inside and marveled at all the things that have changed (spoiled kids and their newfangled technology) and everything that hadn’t (most things, to be honest, but in a good way.)


After that, we headed to the crawfish boil in the fancy shmancy cafeteria building that has other fancy stuff in it. I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s 100x more fancy than anything we had.


After that, well, we weren’t done eating so we went to Lasyone’s and had meat pies because meat pies.


And then to a bar to hang out with some classmates who got old. HA HA JUST KIDDING.


See, Kelly knew I told a funny joke.

Then back to the hotel for a nap which I TOLD them was a bad idea. Oh wait, at some point we went to the dorm to look around which was a depressing idea because it was just gross. 😦 They’re supposed to build a new one at some point and I hope it’s soon because…yuck. But still, so many happy memories there.


Okay, so later that night was a bbq at one of our classmate’s parents’ house (they were out of town but yes, they knew) which was really lovely. I only took a couple of pictures there, sadly, but it was dark. Fortunately, I have this one!!!


Ren is (genetically, she says) incapable of keeping her eyes open in photos, so Kelly helped her out. Yay for friends!!!

Later, we again stayed up way past our bedtimes chatting and giggling and then woke up way too early because the power was out at the hotel because, and I quote “a squirrel ate through a line.” Gotta love small towns!

We all headed home not long after, sadly, but hopefully it won’t be another five years before we see each other again!


Of course there was pie on the way home.