Back in Natchitoches again. I mean, we were already in Alexandria for the archery tournament, it would just be a waste not to drive an extra hour to spend the night in Natchitoches and visit my high school again. The boys will be spending a week there this summer for camp, so I have two more drives up there this year.

A visit to LSMSA

I honestly can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted. I’m ashamed. I have no excuse. I really need to post about the trip we made to Natchitoches because it was pretty great. So I’ll start there.

Well, my last post was about being in Alexandria, which ended up being fine. We spent most of it in the hotel because the weather was horrific. We were in IHOP having lunch when a tornado warning went off on everyone’s phone, and I thought, “we’re not dying in an IHOP,” so after checking the radar and being reassured there was no tornado near us, we drove the five minutes down the road back to the hotel. (And there wasn’t a tornado anywhere near the town, thank goodness.)

So we got to Natchitoches the next morning, and went to the hotel, but couldn’t check in yet. We sat in the lobby so the boys could watch a Premier League soccer game (you know, British soccer) and funnily enough, the guy at the front desk was also watching it. After that, we walked around downtown a little bit and got some lunch at Merci Beaucoup. The boys had meat pies for the first time. They liked them. Yay!

Since it was Sunday, not much was open, so we didn’t get to go to Lasyone’s, so had to settle for mini meat pies, but better than nothing!

After lunch, we headed to the school campus to wander around. I couldn’t wait to show the boys around! First, we went to Texaco (where we used to spend hours eating fried food, but now the fried food and food booths are gone – probably for the best), and then I made them take a picture in front of the high school building.


Then we narrowly escaped a pack of kids doing an Easter Egg hunt (you can see some of the eggs in the picture above) and just wandered around the buildings, then onto the Northwestern State University campus (which Louisiana School is on). They really wanted to see the football stadium for some reason. I may have mentioned that we sneaked into the stadium once or twice. 😇


Afterwards, we went to a park off campus so they could, what else, kick a soccer ball around. Later, we grabbed some pizza for dinner and I introduced them to yet another bit of Natchitoches culture, Maggio’s drive-through liquor (just a daiquiri for me, obvs.)


Bright and early the next morning, we met up with a student at the high school for a tour! It was pretty great. The boys got bags of swag, and I got a nice walk down memory lane. So much of the school hasn’t changed (the high school building is largely the same), and so much is vastly improved (the other new buildings like the art/music building, the cafeteria and new student center.) I want to go back! Can I go back? I wish I’d taken more pictures. They can even play soccer, whew!

The boys were pretty fascinated, and dare I say, maybe a little excited about the possibility of attending? The tricky part is keeping them interested for the next few years until they can apply for 10th grade. Fortunately, next summer (in a year), they can attend a week-long residential camp, so I’m hopeful we can send them to that.

Before we left, we wandered around the general store on Front Street, which was my dad’s favorite place. I got Larry an Easter present there, and then we headed home.

And I now know I haven’t really blogged about Louisiana School, and I’m going to have to do that. (Not now, don’t worry.)



Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor…

…well you know the thing they say about the USPS. The same could be said of the boys and soccer.

Their tournament this weekend in Alexandria (a smallish town 3 hours from NOLA) was cancelled at the last minute, but me being the cheapo that I am, booked our hotel room via hotels.com instead of the team travel agency. And of course it was non refundable. So we decided to make a road trip of it!

And so I find myself sitting in the car while the boys play in the rain (only a mist right now, but it had better get worse later since they ended the season early for this, breaking little hearts all over the state) at a park that Ren found for us. THANKS RENNY!

The exciting part of the trip for me comes tomorrow when we head an hour north to Natchitoches, the small town where I went to boarding school for nerds (LSMSA) for two years. I am hoping it will spark an interest in the boys, like when my sixth grade science teacher told me about it. (Thanks Mrs. Schucker!)

We’ll be getting a tour of the school on Monday morning but tomorrow we’ll wander around town and I’ll tell them about all some of the hijinks we got up to. And we’ll eat meat pies and get drive through daiquiris, just like the old days. Well, maybe Sonic slushes for the boys.

25 year reunion!

It’s getting to be overwhelming but if I put it off much longer, I’ll just never do it. So I’ll just do it.

The most important thing was my 25th high school reunion, which I already posted a little bit about in my last post, since I wore a bunch of clothes I made to it. But it was more than just showing off my sewing prowess, believe it or not. Getting to hang out in Natchitoches (Na-ka-tish, duh) brings back such fond memories and of course getting to see friends I hardly ever see is so great.

I wish I’d taken more pictures, though. So let me give a quick (?) recap.

Friday, Ren and I drove up, somehow managing to miss major rains and flooding in New Orleans, but not missing the police officer waiting for me to do 51 in a 35 in a small town near Bunkie. (“Let’s take the scenic route,” said Ren. “It’ll be nice,” said Ren.) Read More

Busy busy weekend

It was a very fun weekend, but it was also exhausting. So yeah, I’m kind of glad it’s Monday so I can be at work and in the relative peace and quiet of my office.

Saturday was my friend Maura’s wedding. I was very excited, mostly to see my friend get married, but also for the boys to wear the cute outfits I got for them. (I’m so shallow.) The wedding was about an hour from our house, and I still needed shoes, so Saturday morning, I ran to the mall to get some appropriate shoes. I thought it was amusing that I found the perfect pair at JC Penney. Amusing because Maura is a hot-shot lawyer in the corporate headquarters of JC Penney. She usually lives in Dallas, but she’s in Hong Kong for a couple of years working in their offices over there. Pretty cool! (But pretty sucky, seeing as her new husband lives in Texas still.)

Anyhoo, we got to the ceremony and the boys were pretty good. A bit restless, but understandably so. I had George take them out to the car a little while into it, so they could talk as loudly as they wanted, and so I could enjoy watching my beautiful friend.


After the ceremony, we headed to the reception, where my brilliant friend had gift bags full of crayons and wind up toys for the kids. This kept them pretty occupied, though all they really wanted to do was put the wind-up toys on the cake table, which caused me no small amount of anxiety.



In the end, they just raided all the leftover bags.

It was a lovely afternoon.


LSMSA mini-reunion

This is from when my friend Ren was trying to take a picture of me with the boys. They were not cooperating.

So that was Saturday. On Sunday, we chilled out in the morning (though why the boys felt the need to wake up at 6:45 is beyond me) until it was time to meet Grandee and Larry for lunch. My mom brought them little baseball mitts and balls and a t-ball set as their belated Easter gift, and my Uncle Doug (who is bound and determined to get our kids interested in sports) brought them a metal bat (!!) and instructed George on how to coach them.




After lunch, we had a photoshoot in the French Quarter with a photographer that another triplet mom had recommended to me. She was in town for the weekend from Dallas, and I wanted to have pictures that someone else took of my kids. It was kind of stressful getting to the FQ, due to Navy Week (it hadn’t occurred to me that this might be an issue until that morning) but we eventually made it. And the boys were so cute posing for pictures. Oh man. I mean, really. They were following the photographer’s direction so well, and they were being so cute. Loved it.


When we got home later, the boys were dying to play with their new baseballs and everything. So we carefully avoided the caterpillars in the yard (blech) and we tossed the ball around a bit, and they even hit the ball with the bat a little. (I hadn’t set the tee up yet, so I had to pitch to them.) They were still in their outfits from the pictures, so they looked like little old timey baseball players. Gaah!




Ahhh! Love it. Maybe they will be into sports after all!