Happy birthday, Dad!

Today would have been my dad’s 77th birthday. I was looking for this awesome picture to post – it was the first day of fifth or sixth grade, I’m not sure. I had picked out an epic outfit. It was great. Red long-sleeved button down shirt (in Baton Rouge in August. Fashion trumps all!), long denim skirt. Bolo tie. Silver concha belt (is that what they’re called?) Earrings that looked like tiny versions of the belt links. (Just remembering those earrings evokes the smell of Claire’s.) Freshly permed helmet of hair. My shoes were…probably western themed. And my dad, standing proudly next to me.

Well, this was a man who wore black socks with shorts. I must have inherited his fashion sense.

Anyway, while digging around for that picture, I found this flier from a surprise birthday party we threw for him.

He didn’t like being the center of attention, so the surprise party maybe wasn’t his favorite ever. We joked that he died right before his 60th birthday to avoid another surprise party. Way to get out of it, Dad.


Those are some stellar graphic design skillz I whipped out for this, eh? Nice.

Anyway, happy birthday, Dad! Hope you get lots of holes in one in that great big golf course in the sky!