We got a house, we got a house yay yay yay yay! Signed the papers this morning, put down the deposit, we got a house! And a very cute house it is…that we saw for the first time less than 24 hours ago. Less than 20 hours ago, even. So here’s how it happened…

Yesterday morning, we went to look at a double that we had looked at for the first time on Thursday night. We wanted to see it during the day, so our Realtor set up an appointment for us for Sunday morning. We got there and while we were waiting an hour for the other agent to show up, we examined the outside of the house and pretty much decided before we had even set foot inside the house that we would not be putting in an offer. There was rotten wood, evidence of fire damage, and it was just in bad shape overall. (And the inside, while in better shape, had problems of its own.)

So after George and I left that house, we drove around the neighborhood with the real estate section in hand. A few days ago, we had noticed a house that George really liked the look of, but it was a single, and a bit out of our price range. Still affordable, but we wouldn’t have a tenant paying half our note. One of the ads in the paper turned out to be for that house, so George set up an appointment for us to look at it for 3:00 in the afternoon.

We walked up the stairs to the front door (which is on the second floor of the house) and while we were waiting for the owner, I had a peek in the window. Gaaa! Too cute! Already, before even setting foot inside the house, I was afraid of losing it. Wood floors, yellow walls, plenty of windows, faux fireplace, leaded glass doors, gorgeous bathroom upstairs (just renovated), big kitchen with tons of storage, fridge and washer and dryer and dishwasher to stay, big dining area, bathroom downstairs, garage that can be converted to another bedroom (it was one in the past), etc, etc, etc, etc…. I hope to have pictures by Thursday. (Oh yeah. Porch swing on second story porch, side yard, off-street parking.)

So we loved it. And we went back to my house, called Melba, and set up another appointment for 4:30. Met her there, still loved it, and went back to her office to write up an offer. By 10:00 last night, we had a counteroffer of only $1000 off the list price, but George and I discussed it extensively and we decided we could afford it. So this morning, before I had to go to work, we signed the papers, handed over the deposit, and set up an inspection for Wednesday. House to close on March 24.