More house stuff.

Three days! Three days! We looked at the house again yesterday. This time it was empty, so it was easier to envision our things in it. Also easier to see where things need to be done. Nothing big, though. Nothing I’m worried about. Cosmetic stuff.

After the house viewing (with Laurie and James and Mary and Stacy and Dexter) we all headed to the pub for the crawfish boil. Mmmm. Crawfish. And corn. And mushrooms. And garlic. And sausage. And potatoes. Yum, yum, yum! Almost certainly ate more than I should have. Definitely had more beer than I should have. But vowed to be good today. But then I heard from Annie, a long-lost friend (we were in her and Nick’s wedding last September, but haven’t seen them since October or November) and we had lunch. So I’ve probably already gone over points for today, but I had an insanely delicious banana pancake the size of a hubcap. Didn’t eat the whole thing, at least. But I would have eaten ten of them, just to see Annie. So it was worth it.

I called Ren this morning, she was upset because she and Gary didn’t get the house they put in an offer on. Nor did they get the second house they put an offer on. I am sad for her, I know how much it sucks. And I know how much it sucks when people say things that they think will make it better, like “it wasn’t meant to be.” But now that we found a more perfect house than the one we lost, I almost want to say it because in our case it was true. But I will resist.

I went and saw Terry today. I hope she has her baby soon. I’m sure she does too, she looks extremely uncomfortable. Yesterday I scared the bejeezus out of George when I was holding a friend’s baby and wearing Laurie’s engagement ring. (She lets me because it’s so pretty and sparkly.) I said to him, “this is your future, George” and he almost swallowed his pint glass. Ha ha, boys are so easy to scare. And fun.

Went around comparing paint prices today. I really need to stop procrastinating about packing. Stacy and Dexter (friends of George’s) are going to move me out of my house on Friday afternoon, so I really need to get more serious. And Stacy’s going to help me paint Friday morning. Oooh, I love them!