Closing tomorrow!

Eeeeep! Tomorrow! Closing is tomorrow! I would be able to rest very easily if only the title company would call me and tell me how much money we need to bring tomorrow. If only I knew that, I wouldn’t be quite so nervous.

George’s mom called me last night. She’s so sweet, and she called just to tell me how excited she was for us. It makes me very happy that his parents are so happy. That’s a big relief. But now George feels guilty that he didn’t tell them sooner, that he didn’t trust that they’d react well. But I think if my mom was as Catholic as they were, she probably wouldn’t have been thrilled about us buying a house together before we’re engaged or anything. So I don’t blame him for feeling nervous about telling them. I’m just glad it all turned out well.

And can I say that a certain insurance company with the initials S.F. is really pissing me off? I cancelled my car insurance with them last week (because I’m going with another company) and did they take $116.80 out of my checking account today to pay next month’s car insurance? Yes indeedy. As if I have $116.80 lying around. Wouldn’t it be lovely to go to the closing tomorrow with an overdrawn checking account? What financial responsibility I must exude! Tee hee. I couldn’t think of a better word than exude.

PS to comments: I can’t paint the kitchen until we close! And I have help – I will finish on Friday. Oh yes.