No more Friends

Rode my bike to work today. That was fun, next time I’ll remember to pack deodorant. Thankfully it was cool today, so I’m not sweaty and stinky and disgusting (at least I don’t think I am) but it would have been nice to have a refresh.

And let me say now that banks infuriate me. We nearly bounced our first mortgage payment, because our bank is a pain in the ass (not, for once, because the money wasn’t there – it was). But I won’t go into the dull details. At least I got it taken care of with no consequences. We get to keep our house. Hooray! Thanks to the lady at the bank with the smoker’s voice.

Last Friends tonight. Sad. Wish Kristina was here to watch it with me. Or wish I was up there to watch it with her. George just doesn’t appreciate it like Kristina and I do.

Oh yeah, last night, we watched Big Fish. (Or rather, I watched it, and George slept to it.) I really enjoyed it, not least because of, ahem, Ewan McGregor, but to balance it out for George, it had Helena Bonham-Carter, who he thinks is hot. I loathe her, but that’s another story. Anyway, there were tears rolling down my face at the end, always the sign of a good movie, unless they’re tears of boredom.