October 8, 2004

It is very weird. I didn’t use all of my 24 points on either Wednesday or Thursday. That is very weird for me. Usually, I’m fudging things a tiny bit here and there to mark the fewest points as possible, which I know is bad but I figure it will help me to have something to improve when I hit a plateau. Oh yeah, I already did that.

Anyway, I went to the grocery yesterday and bought all sorts of yummy things, including Skinny Cow mint chocolate ice cream sammiches, and yet I still only ate 23 points yesterday. If that. Plus I earned three activity points. I made the apple-cinnamon wontons from the WW site, and I only ate a couple of points worth. It is all very strange. I’m sure I’ll make up for it this weekend, though. Tomorrow I’m going to Baton Rouge to see my brother and sister. My brother and I might go see that puppet movie at a sneak preview. I hope I can get a haircut appointment for tomorrow afternoon, too. I desperately need one.

Had half a butternut squash for dinner, with a bit of light sour cream and grated pecorino romano cheese on it. Yum, yum, yum. If it didn’t take so darn long to roast those puppies, they’d be my new food obsession. But they end up just like sweet potatoes, which take a lot less time to bake. (And they’re pretty high in points for a big vegetable, butternut squash. Wonder why?)