Weekend recap

Holy cow, it was a gorgeous weekend. The weather could not have been more beautiful. (George would disagree, but let’s leave him out of discussions of beautiful weather, lest you question why I would marry such a nut.) The garage sale was Saturday, and I made $50. Can’t complain because I also got rid of some crap. My nose is a bit red now from the sun, but I’ll survive.

Afterwards Regan and I went to a bead show (yes, a convention all about beads) and I purchased the earrings for my lovely bridesmaids. A bit soon, yes, but I got a deal I couldn’t pass up. Let’s just hope they don’t make their ears turn green. Heh heh. Only kidding!

Yesterday I went to the gym in the morning and then we had visitors in the afternoon. Friends came over to listen to music and hang out. Sounds strange, but it’s our new secret society. Don’t ask. Anyway it was fun. Then a trip to Whole Foods and then George and I watched the second new Dr. Who episode.

This week is very wedding-centric. Thursday evening is a bridal show. I’m really excited because I haven’t been to one yet and I hope we get to taste cake. Ha ha. Friday night is the wedding of a friend in Baton Rouge and Saturday evening is the wedding of a friend in New Orleans. I’ll get to do lots of research. Mustn’t forget my notepad. Only kidding…