Guestlists are hell. Last night George and I struggled with it, and the only solution is to start alienating people and to stop making new friends. (I know, that makes it sound like we are so magnetic that we can’t help but make friends wherever we go, but seriously, in the last few months, it’s been a problem. Ha ha.)

It’s really difficult – how do you only invite some people from work? How do you not invite people you see fairly often but maybe you aren’t that close to? (They usually expect to be invited.) I think the main thing is that my family is MASSIVE. Very large. Can’t help that. Can’t not invite family – and I want to invite them all. And then there’s our wonderful neighborhood – we have so many good friends there, and it’s where we met and where we fell in love and so many people were there for all of it. So how do we exclude some of them?

And it’s my own fault for remaining friends with people from high school and college and past jobs. And also for talking incessantly about the wedding.

Oy. Not pretty. Not asking for sympathy, not asking for anyone to say “don’t invite me.” Just venting.

Well, aside from the great Guest List Massacre, the weekend was lovely. The weather was perfect. I planted a garden on Saturday morning (will post pictures later) and then we went to a barbecue at a friend’s house. We ate good food, drank gallons of beer, and talked and talked and talked. It was just a fantastic day.

Of course, the aforementioned gallons of beer made yesterday somewhat painful, but not unbearable. Watched another new Dr. Who episode. Of course. Sunday tradition. Which brings us to the GLM of 2005, which I don’t want to discuss any longer.