Update time. I haven’t written in a while. It was a very relaxing (read: boring) weekend where I got a lot of little wedding things accomplished. (Boring to anyone but me.)

Actually, Friday night was a lot of fun. My cousins Joey and Monica and Monica’s husband Tom came by our house (for the first time since they moved here late last year – I was keeping them away, their house is so beautiful and well-maintained and spare and gorgeous, and ours is…not. Cute and homey, but cluttered and messy. And we don’t have a two year old like they do. Sigh.) and then we went to the pub, had a few pints, ate some yummy food.

It was a lot of fun. And George asked Joey to be an usher in our wedding, which he was excited about. 32(ish) years old and he said this will be his first time wearing a tuxedo. Glad we can be of service. Joey is also, at about 6’5″, the unofficial garter-catcher at weddings. No one else can compete. He wasn’t too concerned when I told him we weren’t going to do it, though.

Today would be my first tap-dancing class. I think I’m going to have to take “tap-dancing” off the top of my blog, because I won’t be taking it this year. I was planning on it, until I read the fine print on the registration form. $50 registration fee. Um, I don’t think so. Last year it was only $30 or maybe I didn’t have to pay because I was new. In any case, I can’t afford it this year, so maybe next year. Hope I don’t forget all my moves! Ha ha.

Babysat Monica and Tom’s little boy, Max yesterday. We watched Monsters Inc (he only watches Pixar. Smart boy.) and then he played me some tunes on his piano. Perhaps they weren’t technically melodic, but I like to think of him as a two-year-old modern piano virtuoso. I should also mention that it’s really cute how he giggles whenever Boo comes on during the movie.

Saturday is my first fitting for my wedding dress. I’m so friggin’ excited. It can’t come fast enough! And then I’m going to DC for Labor Day weekend, courtesy of my dear dear dear friends and big sister. Fun two weekends coming up. Yay!