Whoops, thought I’d be able to update on Monday. Apparently not.

Well, if you’ve been watching CNN etc, you probably know as much as we do. Who knows when we’ll be able to get back home. Fortunately, we have a home to get back to. Holly, one of the multitudes and masses staying with us, has a mother-in-law who stayed behind in our neighborhood and she drove around the neighborhood yesterday, checking on our houses. Seems we fared okay.

But whether or not our house is okay doesn’t really matter when there’s no city to go back to. Sure, the West Bank is okay, but without city services (or, you know, power), how do you go on with day-to-day activities? You can’t. So looks like Baton Rouge is home for now. I really really wish I’d brought my running shoes and exercise clothes. I can feel myself turning into a big blob. Must go out today and purchase some things.

What else is there to say? Everything is so much up in the air.