Dispatch from London #2

Mucous is now healthier clear color. Marianne’s flat is white.

It is very freaking cold here. My toes are numb.

Been to lots of pubs. Surprise, surprise.

Went on the London Eye today. Neato.

Okay, off to more pubs…

Dispatch from London, #1

George hacking up mass quantities of mucous.

Marianne’s flat very nice.

Very cold here.

Flight was endless.

Already been to three pubs.

Pub quiz tonight, wish us luck!


And we’re off!

So, I am sorry to say, I probably won’t be posting much for the next two weeks. (Sorry, Renny.) But then again, who am I kidding? I’m sure we’ll be visiting a few Internet cafes here and there. Must document trip, right?

Anyway. Maybe. We’ll see.

Bye bye! London, here we come….

Best photos

The best picture from the whole wedding weekend:
“Uncle George, gimme the beer!”

Second best:

(no words necessary.)

Wedding pics

Okay, so clearly the story of my idiocy is not at interesting as Mike or wedding pictures, so here’s one of both!

And we got our very first professional picture back from our photographer, so you can see that too:


Boy, do I feel stupid.

So last night (at my mom’s house), I decide to hand-wash an item of clothing. I put it in the laundry room sink, put some Woolite in, and turn on the water. The sink is pretty big and I’m impatient, so I left the laundry room. With the water running. You know where this is going.

Soooo, I go off, check my email, brush my teeth, pack up stuff to bring home, la dee daaah. Then I think, hmmm…the water…is running…yeeeahhh.

And so I run towards the laundry room and am met by an ever-increasing puddle heading my way. Ooops!

What makes it even funnier is that my mom was sitting in the study, not five feet from the laundry room sink the whole time, and she never noticed. In her defense, the washing machine was also running, so any water sounds were assumed to be coming from that.

Ah well, what fun to mop up water, and dry out cabinets at 11:00 at night! At least my mom thought it was funny. Apparently, I’m not the first to do it.

(And yes, I told George, and yes, he still wants to be married to this idiot!)

Married life?

Okay, okay, time for another post. I can’t promise I’ll post from London, so no complaining! A honeymoon is no time to be updating a blog.

So, how is married life, you might ask? I wish I knew. I don’t feel married yet, I’ve been in Baton Rouge since Monday (and let’s face it, Sunday we were all too hungover to feel anything but like crap.) I still have been unable to use the “h” word, except for one time today, when I managed to choke it out to a Countrywide telephone operator. Go me! Poor George, he’s starting to take it personally, though he knows it took me a while to be able to say “fiance”, so he shouldn’t be surprised.

I can’t wait until Friday, when I get to go home to New Orleans to be with my h-h-h-hu-uh-George.

And then Monday, on a plane to London!

PS I boycott US Air (or I will after we get back from our honeymoon.) They cancelled our flight home from Charlotte (on the way back from London.) So now we have to pay for a hotel in Charlotte, so we can catch a flight home the next day. Jerks. JERKS! I hate them.

PSS I also boycott the Sheraton for not giving us a free breakfast coupon for the day after our wedding. They gave one to Lindsay. Hmmph. Stupid Sheraton won’t cough up $7.95 each for two of us? For our first breakfast as a married couple? I guess it was just as well that we were, um, as I said earlier, extremely hungover.

PSSS I feel guilty that people came from all over the country and I barely had time to talk to them at the wedding. This is normal, right? If only the reception had been ten hours long, that would have been much better! Oh, and while we’re in dreamland, if only I had eaten one of the oyster appetizers. Dang…

Ellie day!

Ellie-day is here! Yay! Ellie! Ellie! Ellie!

And today’s my last day at work before the wedding! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Last night was the first time I didn’t get a really good night’s sleep. I’m actually happy about that. I was kind of worried because I was sleeping fine, and not really nervous or anxious or anything. Not that I was nervous or anxious last night, I just kept thinking over and over and over “I have got to go to the gym.” Ah well. I’ll have time tomorrow for sure, but there’s no way I’m taking time away from Ellie today, just to exercise! Anyway, running all over my mom’s house, getting things together for 6 hours has to count for something.

So the excitement begins…Ellie (and Evan and Jennifer, and Jennifer’s dad, Rick) come today…Jenny comes tomorrow…Kristina and Marianne come on Thursday and we’re going to stay in New Orleans (I can’t wait to take Marianne, who lives in London, to the pub. Let me pause to tell a quick story. When Kristina and Anne and I first got to London for our six-month stint, we went to visit Marianne at her university in Canterbury. That evening, she took us to the campus pub and got the first round of drinks. Boy, was she proud of herself when she announced she had bought us good ol’ American Coors! Yeah…too bad the pub doesn’t serve the British equivalent.)

So then on Friday is a lunch for my girls and my friend Betsy from high school comes in and the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner and then um on Saturday…hmmm…I know I have plans on Saturday….mind…going…blank…tee hee!


Eight days! Eight days! Eight days!

Hard to believe it’s this close, eh? So exciting!

And yet, I still have not much to say. I think unless you want to know about centerpieces and cakes and flowers and programs etc etc you wouldn’t find what’s floating around in my brain very interesting.

And you know the only other thing I’m thinking about right now…FOUR DAYS TO ELLIE!


Okay, okay, sorry Renny for not posting more. I’ve been busy! Sheesh!

I can’t remember where I am when I wake up in the morning – New Orleans? Baton Rouge? Don’t know where my clothes are. Can’t find things. This is very difficult. I can’t wait til it’s all over and I can go home for good. Not that it isn’t nice to spend time with my mom – it’s awesome. But it’s getting to be very stressful. Sigh.

Anyway, Sunday was my lingerie shower. Oooh la la! I certainly won’t be posting pictures from THAT shower! Tee hee. It was so much fun. It was at my Aunt Deanne’s house. We had yummy food (get this – chicken salad WITHOUT CELERY! That’s my kind of chicken salad!) and a really pretty cake and wine and lots of my friends came. It was so nice. My cousin’s wife Lottie, who co-hosted it, even made me (yes, MADE me) bath salts and lotion and soaps, all wedding-themed. They smell like wedding cake, which could be very dangerous. Must remember, it’s not edible.

Today I got four wedding presents in the mail. I gotta say, this wedding thing is really nice. I love getting mail, I love getting presents, and getting presents in the mail? Unbeatable.

I also got our marriage license today. Eeeep!!!

Went trick-or-treating tonight with Teresa and her two year old niece Veronica. She is the cutest thing, just babble, babble, babble. We were both bunnies. I turned her on to Smarties (just go ahead and send me the dental bills.) I can’t wait until my niece is that old and talking!

Speaking of the most exciting thing of all…Ellie’ll be here a week from tomorrow!!!!

Here’s something to hold y’all till then, the cutest octopus ever: