Ohhh, the pain. Last night I dropped the very very very heavy headboard on my toes. It hurt. It still hurts. Curses. I don’t think anythings broken, though. Not that it’d matter. But ow. Ow ow ow.

Today we’re supposed to be getting our new mattress set. A month after we ordered it. Argh. They said a week. Hmmph.

Tonight I’m supposed to have dinner with my dear friend Laurie. She is v v v v pregnant. I hope she doesn’t go into labor during dinner. I have a feeling she wouldn’t mind if she did. She sounds so uncomfortable – it’s a miracle people have more than one kid.

Last night we watched Project Runway. Once again, &*@#*$ Santino gets away with it. I loathe him. But I was happy with the outcome nonetheless. (Well, the winning design was frankly bizarre, but at least it wasn’t Santino’s.)

I took some Tylenol PM last night to help me sleep with my agonizing toe-pain. I don’t think it’s worn off yet. I forget I should really only take one at a time. Oops. Zzzzz.