All kinds of chocolate

I think I need to stop baking. I’m becoming obsessed. Last night I made a Guinness Chocolate Cake – though, in my defense, it wasn’t just for fun, it’s for a birthday party we’re going to tonight. Oh my…a pound of butter…cocoa, eggs, flour, four cups of sugar…and two cups of Guinness. Ew. But it turned out pretty well (I made a cupcake out of leftover batter so we could taste it.)

Tonight I will melt three bars of Ghiradelli chocolate and mix it with two cups of heavy whipping cream to make the icing. Dear sweet heaven.

Speaking of chocolate, tomorrow I’m going to paint the kitchen chocolate brown. It’s gonna be purty. I’ll do the dining room later, but I’m just itching to do something. And it’ll force me to scrub the kitchen top to bottom. That’s a good thing.

Next weekend (on the first) is our neighborhood garage sale. I am so looking forward to getting rid of a LOT of crap. Yay getting rid of crap! And making some money at the same time! It just doesn’t get any better than that.