Yes, I have a problem. I made more bread last night. MORE BREAD! And pizza dough. But dang, that was good pizza! Seriously, I’d better slow down or I’m going to burn out. And before I burn out, I want to learn to make bagels, english muffins, more foccacia, cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls. Yum. I wonder if this is some kind of mental backlash against my 10-day attempt at the South Beach Diet back in January? Hmmm.

Also, note to self: don’t store plastic things in the oven. And if you do, take them out before you turn the oven on. There go my plastic pouring shields for my mixer. Ah well. I never used them anyway.

This weekend is the neighborhood garage sale. I hope to make lots of money for Mexico trip. And get rid of crap. Garage sales are genius. As long as I don’t hit up the other sales for alternative crap. Hmmm. Must be careful about that. And then after the garage sale is the annual Mowing-of-the-Lawn! And sometime in there will be Seeing Renny and Gary and Hopefully Alison Too! It’s gonna be a great weekend!

(I will say here how serious I am about saving money for trip to Mexico. I told George we had to turn down an invitation to the Melting Pot, my new favorite restaurant, since the $100+ we’d spend would be better saved for our Trip to Mexico(TM).)