Picture post!

Linus, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

For some reason, I love this picture. It’s funny! My little Linus bear.

And look at this one…my friend Mary took it. This is Miles.

Aaaand, can’t forget my Oliver bear!

All three (taken by Mary)

It was a half good, half horrific weekend. Saturday was good. Actually, I should back up. Friday was great. We had friends babysit that night, and we saw Indiana Jones. I really liked it! Harrison Ford is still dreamy, I’m happy to report. And then on Saturday, I took the boys to play with some friends. Between Mary’s little guy, Hadley’s twins, and my triplets, we had six little boys under two. Of course, mine were just sitting there like (admittedly cute) lumps while the others were running around like little (admittedly adorable) wild men. The older boys had no interest in mine – unless their moms were holding one, and they really didn’t like that. But they made me SO excited for my boys to be that age. They are just too, too cute. Such boys, you know? Running, screaming, sweating, rolling around in puddles. Ack!

And then we went to my friend Mandy’s house, where there was a baby closer to their age! Just a couple of months older than my boys, and let me tell you, it was terrifying to see how close we are to mobility! Gaaah! But there were lots of fun toys to play with, and I think in about 16 years, we might have some fighting over pretty Miss Annabel.

A reaches for Oliver. You can see him saying “oooh, pretty girl!”

But then there was Sunday. Actually, it started at around Midnight. The boys were experiencing, let’s just say, something very smelly and messy and it involved baths and the changing of sheets at midnight, 2 am, and 4 am. And then all day on Sunday too. Fun times! Yeah. Happy Father’s Day, George! Hope you like poop!

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  1. oh Pam I am so sorry. I don’t think we gave you a stomach bug-but I am worried we might have given you guys a cold. Annabel and I are all runny noses and coughing now. Still, we had such fun and Annabel loved your little guys. Next will have to be the zoo or the children’s museum. Feel better!


  2. The pictures are fantastic! I love the pile of boys in overalls.I hope the boys feel better soon and your washer and dryer are able to keep up with it all!


  3. 1st off, the pictures are gorgeous and it really sounds like your playdates were so much fun. and how wonderful to get out of the house for a movie! yay! sorry about the poop though…hope everyone is feeling better!


  4. Beautiful, beautiful boys!!! Those boys are heartbreakers. So, so gorgeous. So sorry to hear about the, uh, digestive problems the boys are experiencing. That last line made me laugh out loud – “hope you like poop!” Hee hee.


  5. Pammy those photos are so so sweet, and really good!! I hope you tuck those away someplace special… Cherish them they grow up too fast!! My kiddos turned three this month, and my girls turn two in one month… I have NO idea where I’ve been… But I’m glad I have pics like those to glance back on!!Keep up the AMAZING work…


  6. I think I forgot to hit publish comment. Yikes, long day already. Anyways, as I was saying 🙂 My sons decided to give daddy poop for father’s day also. How sweet of all of them. I too look forward to all of the “boyness” that is to come. I keep thinking that I need to warm up my pitching arm b/c I somehow went from an athlete (softball, basketball, volleyball) to a girl who ducks when a ball heads her way. So, so ashamed 🙂


  7. Has anyone ever called Linus, My Sweet Babboo yet? My mother in law calls my Linus that all the time. Sweet pictures. I hope things are better for you now.


  8. Hi Pam, Im an avid reader of your blog but dont usually comment (infact just once before I think) but that picture of Miles with the little dribble, that was it, I can stay silent no longer. Its the cutest thing. ever…I have a little girl just younger than the boys (she’s almost six months) so drool features alot in my life right now. About a third as much as it does in yours, i suppose. the boys look fab. you seem very on top of things. Much more so than me, with my paltry one child. Well done you :-)Keep posting. I love the blog.Carla in Ireland


  9. These pictures put a big smile on my face. You have a talent for photography. I am enjoying reading your blog. Can I link your blog?Tina


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