Giggling Oliver

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Giggling Oliver, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

My giggly boys! Sorry it’s dark, but let’s face it, the sound is more important than the video.

I took a “mental health day” from work. I just took a two hour nap. Soooo nice!

8 thoughts on “Giggling Oliver

  1. love, love, love it pam! those giggles are so stinkin’ cute! my babies love anything with the ooo sound too, especially poo. lol!good for you for taking a mental health day, enjoy it!


  2. you just made our day. annabel got a kick out of your giggling boys (even though she was a bit confused).


  3. GAW! I love giggling babies! You’re boys are too cute and always seem to be just so, so happy. You do a great job with them! have a great weekend!


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