First of all, happy birthday to my big little sis, Jenny! Happy 36 26th birthday! Gosh, I loved being picked on mercilessly by passing along all of my wisdom to you, big little sis.

Aunt Jenny with one of her favorite nephews:

I think she’d kill me if I posted this, from my wedding.


Now, onto the real fun stuff. Gustav. Am looking forward to my first evacuation since Katrina. With three babies. While I’m truly grateful I didn’t have to evacuate last year while pregnant, I think that would have been far preferable than evacuating with three infants, particularly one who recently decided that riding in a car was akin to being tortured, and thus must scream the entire way.

I’m looking at you, Linus:

(Okay, technically that’s Miles, but come on…they look exactly the same, and isn’t that the perfect picture to illustrate my point?)

So at some point either tomorrow or Saturday, we’re going to pack the boys up to spend the weekend at Grandees. Actually, that was the plan anyway, but this time, I’m going to be smart and pack more than two days’ worth of clothes.

10 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. rachael

    so sorry to hear that you have to evacuate…good luck! enjoy your time at grandee’s! love the fact that you used miles’ picture…lol!


  2. shoozles

    I Absolutely love the month by month photos I did the same thing. I wish i would have had a blog at that time.

    Triplets are awesome, I hope my mommy fatigue didn’t scare you?


  3. K3 Watanabe Family

    Be safe up there! I’ve been thinking about you all down there. I really hope Gustav just fizzles out. Keep us posted and I hope Linus (with the rash) is doing better. Is it heat rash?


  4. monica jonas

    Stay safe in Baton Rouge! We pray that the storm doesn’t hit you guys. That is a awful rash that Linus has, I hope that he is feling better by tomorrow! Would benadryl help him with the rash? I know I am not a doctor or anything!!


  5. Elfie33

    I just stumbled upon your blog. Your boys are so cute. I’m Pam also..*smiles* born and raised in Louisiana and now living in TN. I was going to say I knew that rash…my son had it when he was small…an allergic reaction to meds. My son also looked like one of those African children that tummies are so swollen because of malnutrition. Hope he feels better soon.


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