Awesome, fun New Year’s plans

Don’t be jealous. While you’re off sipping champagne or other festive adult beverages, wearing sparkly clothes and enjoying fireworks, George and I will be tending to three sickly children. Fun!

That’s right, they’re all three having their adenoids removed and ear tubes put in, on the 31st. I guess with three kids, you can’t be too choosy about what surgery slot you get. Ah well. I’m pretty excited about it, nevertheless. Could there possibly be an end in sight of the constant ear infections? Oh please, say yes!

13 thoughts on “Awesome, fun New Year’s plans

  1. Helen

    I don’t know about the adnoids part, but I hear the tubes surgery is a breeze and the kids won’t even act like anything happened!

    As for us, we’ll probably watch the ball drop in NYC at 11pm our time and then go to bed. Lame! 🙂


  2. Kris

    i hope that everything goes well and the kids recover quick! when my oldest had tubes at 14 months we NEVER had another ear infection. I hope that goes for your guys.


  3. Melissa

    I hope all goes well for the boys. Our new years will not be much more exciting, hangin’ at home, possiby with some neighbors. Funny how kids change all the social activities!


  4. Valerie

    It will be so much better after the tubes! My oldest had his first set of tubes at about 13 months and we didn’t have another ear infection until they fell out about a year later. Unfortunately, he ended up needing another set, but that is not the case for all kids. He had is aenoids removed before he turned 2 and never acted sick or bothered from it after. With the tubes & the aenoids, he was back to acting normal within about 3-4 hours. I hope everything goes smoothly for you and the boys and that you are starting off the New Year with healthy, infection free boys!!!


  5. helene

    Just read about NYE festivities…I say get the Champagne anyway- once the kids are medicated you can do the same. CHEERS and Good Luck on the process.


  6. alicia

    A friend of mine had her 9 month old scheduled to get tubes put in. She was a little weary and tried acupuncture. I know it sounds kind of out there, but her son had had an EI for 2 months straight and had tried 3 or 4 types of antibiotics.

    She wanted to try something new and had a friend that was successful with her child and acupuncture. Cleared up the EI and he has not had one in the last few months. Whatever you decide – good luck. I hope the little ones are able to get some relief soon!


  7. Elyse

    At least the tonsils are staying in. Will be thinking about you guys then as well 🙂 Had tubes and adnoids taken and it does seem to work. Good luck!


  8. Amy H

    I had this VERY surgery when I was a little girl! I didn’t know they still did it. Are the boys ears THAT bad? I’d get ear infections the MINUTE I sneezed!


  9. Megan

    Awww…bummer…that’s no fun. We won’t be doing anything fun either probably. I love the pics of the boys a few posts back in the stripes and reindeer antlers. Super cute!!! They’re so adorable!


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