Not a post I wanted to write

I need to post about Mardi Gras, but first I wanted to do a separate post about something very sad. Remember the twin girls, Sydney and Carynne, that I mentioned before? You see the graphic on the right that you can click on to make donations for her family?

Well, I was very sad to receive an email on Sunday from the girls’ mama saying they lost sweet Carynne that morning.

And then last night, I was devastated to receive another email saying that her sister, Sydney, had passed away as well.

Words cannot describe the unfairness and the sadness and the just all around awfulness of the whole situation. I’m not that eloquent, so I’m just going to leave it at that. These sweet girls were nearly six months old, their mama and daddy didn’t get nearly enough time with them. It’s just so wrong.

So please keep Carynne and Sydney’s family in your thoughts and prayers. It’s unimaginable.

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