Where were we?

So I think I just got to mid-day on Saturday. Yeesh!

After the zoo, Alex ensured her place in heaven by coming with us to Target so I could pick up a prescription for the boys that I had to get that day. We put two boys in my cart and one in hers, and it was a breeze, I tell ya. Except for the part where I let them hold $10 DVDs without considering that they were going to freak the heck out when I took them away from them. (Sometimes I lack foresight. Sometimes.) So I let them pick out Matchbox cars, which only cost 87 cents. But no, they wanted the five dollar Lightning McQueen cars. Damn those Target merchandisers! I managed to just get the cheapo cars, though, and they were marginally content with that. Whew.

We brought Alex home, and I managed to keep the boys awake until we got home, at which point we put them down for a nap. But did they sleep? No, no they did not. Well, at some point Oliver fell asleep, but after two hours in their room, Miles and Linus were still awake and chatting. Argh.

After naptime, I brought them to the park to play with their friend Millie. This was fun, but I realized that the world is make for twins. Sigh. I’ve yet to see a park with three swings, so we had a few arguments over who was going to swing next. Yeesh. But overall, it was fine, and the boys went to bed without much of a peep.

Our plans for Sunday included going swimming with my friend Terry and her girls. That was fun. We went to a pool with a pretty big kiddie area, and after trying to coax them in for 45 minutes, the boys finally got in the water. And then had a grand old time, but we had to leave twenty minutes later. (Insert eye roll.)

Here’s Miles with “the carrot” (an orange noodle)

And Oliver with “the rainbow” (yellow noodle)

After lunch, we took the kids to McDonald’s and let them loose on the play area, and got them good and worn out for naptime. This time, they really did sleep. Nice!

My friend Tee came over after naptime to play with the boys, and fun was had by all. In fact, when the boys woke up this morning, the first thing Linus said to me was “where’s Aunt Tee?” Awwww!



(It’s really hard to be Miles, btw.)