Get your name in lights!

Or something sorta like that.

My brother, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, makes short films. In fact, in a month or so, he will know if one of his films will be up for an Oscar. An Oscar! God knows my sister-in-law deserves to go to the Oscars. Yes indeed.

So right now he’s trying to raise some funds for his next film, which I will be co-starring in. As a 6 year old. He’s using old Super-8 footage from a 1981 family vacation as the basis of his next film, a satire of some sort. Something like that.

If you pledge a buck towards his goal of $1000, you get your name in the credits!

If you pledge $25, you get a DVD of his current film (ya know, the one that might win an Oscar next year?!?) and if you pledge $125, you get a trip to Disneyland. Okay, not really. But you do get named “benefactor”. Doesn’t that sound fancy?

Get more info and pledge your buck (or two or twenty-five) here:

and for more information about my big bruvver, his website is Hand Crafted Films (oh, nice site! Wonder who designed it? Gosh, someone v talented, I think!)

If you won’t do it for him, do it for my adorable niece, Ellie: