Busy weekend!

Man, I couldn’t even write this entry until today because I was still exhausted from the weekend. And that’s after they spent one night at Granny and Grandpa’s!

I had a lovely, relaxing evening on Friday. After I dropped the boys off, I vegged on the sofa and watched House. Slept in on Saturday and went to pick the boys up so we could all go see Cars 2! I swear, I had been waiting excitedly for this day for months, ever since I’d heard there was a new Cars movie coming out. The boys are obsessed with Cars, so I thought they’d be thrilled to see them on the “big TV” while eating popcorn. They’ve been watching the previews and clips on my iPad, they already knew the names of all the new Cars, and they love popcorn, so slam dunk, right?

After shelling out more money than I want to think about, Linus and Miles wanted to leave 1/3 of the way through the show. Meanwhile, Oliver was snoozing away on Granny’s lap.

Hmmph. So that was sad. We did manage to stay through the whole movie, but I was pretty disappointed that they weren’t more excited about it. Not that I expected them to follow the plot, but there was MATER! And LIGHTNING! Right there on the BIG TV!

So. After the movie, they went back to G&G’s to play while I went to my coworker’s house to get some more photos of their baby twins. I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I posted one a few days ago, but here are the other two:


Thing 1 and Thing 2

All together now…awwwww!

After I finished, we went home and put the boys in bed and I continued my vegging from the night before.

On Sunday, I filled up the water table and let the boys play for a while. Still in their jammies.




They were very proud of their bucket-filling abilities.

Then we went to a birthday party, where they played with Mr Potato Head and I played with vintage Tupperware toys.


And then the rest of the day was spent playing at home.

Now, I know it doesn’t sound like an exhausting weekend, but what I’ve left out is the whining. Oh god, the whining. And the arguing. And the whining. Add that to the heat and humidity, and I’m just zapped of all energy.


Today, the boys are staying at my boss’s house (and spending the night), so I’m going to go to the gym after work (yes, I rejoined yesterday after I had to quit because of my back) and then maybe George and I can grab dinner somewhere, and then I can watch MORE House. Woo!