Musings on Dukan, four months in

Today marks 4 months on the Dukan Diet. I’m down a total of 34 lbs as of today. (WHAT? You may ask. Weren’t you down 37.8 a few weeks ago??)

Yeah. At 3 months I was down 30.4 lbs. May was a tough month. (Though now that I look at my chart, I see I lost more in May than I did in April! So perhaps I should say April and May have been tough months.)

This ain’t pretty:


I have plenty of excuses for May. Mother’s Day. George’s birthday. Barbecues. Birthday parties. But they’re just excuses. 34 lbs in four months sounds fine, but not as impressive at 27 lbs in 2 months sounded way back in March.

However, I need to not be so down on myself. I have lost 34 lbs! In four months! I’m down two sizes! And let me tell you, I did boot camp last August, and it’s a heck of a lot easier now with 30+ lbs less on my body.

That said…I still have 31 pounds to get to my goal. So I need to remember how well it works when it’s done right, and I need to do it! Grrr!

I found this picture from December. Blegh.

And this was from a few weekends ago.

While I’ve seen physical improvements in the last four months, I think the biggest change for me has been mentally. I’m not as nervous about meeting new people and worrying they’re going to judge me based on my weight. I’m more confident. So that’s nice.

Alright, people. Keep on keepin’ on. My goal for the end of June is 45 lbs down. Oh yes indeedy.


7 thoughts on “Musings on Dukan, four months in

  1. We are so proud of you…You give everyone  “confidence”..Don’t you know that peole say. “What would Pyjammy do?”..xoxoxoxox.. 


  2. What an inspiration!  Thanks for posting about the ups and the downs of working hard to feel better.  Best of luck on the rest of your journey.  You look fantastic!!


  3. My April and May were so weird too! I felt like I was just stalled out all month (May) and I looked at my weight chart and I lost more in May than I did in April. I struggled a lot this month, and it sounds like quite a few other Dukan bloggers had the same fate as you and I. I wonder what it is that makes May a difficult month to Dukan? Keep up the good work! You look fantastic! 


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