I got a new camera!

(Aside: apparently Oliver can read now, because as I typed this, he said, “Does that say, ‘I got a new camera”? And now he’s trying to read this. Huh.)

Ever since I started traveling for work, I’ve been thinking of a new camera. Something smaller and lighter, but not a crappy point and shoot. I was lugging my giant Canon 7D with me to meetups and not taking very many pictures at all. In Portland, I took one.

My coworkers seem fond of the new mirrorless cameras, but researching them just made me more confused, not less. So after hours of reading and agonizing, I bit the bullet and ordered a Samsung NX300. Aside from a few annoyances (Samsung only ships the software on a CD, you can’t download it, and our wi-fi password is too long, so I can’t transfer photos that way. Seriously?) I’m pretty enamored.

My 7D seemed grainier than my old 60D, no matter how bright or in focus a photo. But check these out. No editing except a bit of cropping.

(You can click to see them in all of their full-sized glory.)

Nice. I also love that I can buy more lenses and shoot in manual if I want.

Anyway, I’m going to Chicago in two weeks for work, so we’ll see if I take more than one picture while I’m there.


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