What have I gotten myself into?

This is never, ever going to be me.

After my last half-marathon, I vowed never to do another one. I just am kind of bored with long distances, and the weather here is too unpredictable (by which I mean, it might be too freaking hot even in October) so since I’m not really getting much enjoyment out of them, no more. I think eleven is plenty, don’t you?

My friend Heather suggested we try a duathalon, and I briefly considered it until I realized how ridiculous I’d look trying to cross the Mississippi River bridge twice on my pink cruiser. Plus, it was in June, and I don’t run outside between March and September. So then she suggested a sprint triathlon, and okay, I caved. I’m curious. I’ll try it. So we’re going to be signing up for one next month in Baton Rouge. Yeah, that’s right, in July.

It’s 200 yards in a pool, 12 miles on a bike, and a 2 mile run. I know I can do the bike, I’m sure I can do the run (though I know I’ll have to practice running after biking), but the swim…that makes me nervous. Oh, and did I mention it’s in July? This seems insane.

The only reason I agreed to this particular race is because the swimming portion is in a pool. I have never liked natural bodies of water, especially the stagnant lake type. No freaking way will I ever do a triathlon that involves open water swimming. I’m declaring that now, and I can pretty much guarantee that is not going to change, ever.

So yeah. Heather and I went to the pool this morning, just so I could get an idea of how my swimming skills are. Yeah, not so good. I flailed my way through two lengths of the pool before basically wanting to pass out. What the hell? I can run five miles, but swim 50 yards? Forget it. I was a doggy-paddling mess. It’s gonna be ugly.

I’ve already done some reading over at Swim Bike Mom (awesome blog!) but if anyone has any tips or advice for me, feel free to share. Please.