A mini-makeover

The kitchen is done, and now our attention turns to the living room. It’s not terrible, I suppose. We got a new sofa from IKEA a few years ago, and as the boys have gotten older, their toys have gotten fewer, so it doesn’t look like Toy R Us vomited everywhere (just the LEGO factory.) But still, our “entertainment center” was a mess of wires and dust and functional but ugly furniture.

Before: So. many. wires.
After: Much better!

The unit is by Prepac and if you’ve put together IKEA furniture before, this will be no sweat.

I have more plans for this room, like re-painting and fixing the floors, but this is already so much better.

2 thoughts on “A mini-makeover

  1. Rose

    Wow that looks great! I know what you mean about the Toys R’ Us vomit! My son is 2 and our whole living room is COVERED in toys. We put them in the toy box 10 times a week but 15 minutes later they are all over again! Toddlers are like mini hurricanes! :]


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