It’s LASIK day!

Today is the last day I’ll wear glasses or contacts*. For the last 26 years I’ve worn some kind of corrective lenses.

When I was young, I had excellent vision. And then some time in middle school, it started getting bad, fast. But I was bullied in middle school, and there was no way in hell I was going to voluntarily wear glasses until I got out of that place. So the summer after eighth grade, I finally told my mom that I was having trouble seeing, and I got my first pair of glasses.

It was magical! Everyone talks about seeing the moon clearly for the first time, and it really is the coolest thing. About a year later, I got contacts – gas permeable because of my astigmatism. And also because I was too squeamish to touch my eyeball. All I had to do was pull on my corner of my eye and *pop*, out it would fly. (For better or for worse. I lost a lens at Mardi Gras one year when a bead hit me in the face.)

Okay, seriously, we don’t need to go through my entire eye history. I’m just glad I won’t have to wear contacts or glasses anymore. Even though I do like my glasses, kind of. I stopped wearing contacts regularly when I started working for Automattic, and now my face is going to seem weirdly blank without them. Ah, I’ll get used to it.

I really wish they did general anesthesia for this. I am not at all looking forward to all the things I’ve read they do during the procedure. That eye squeamishness is still there, even though I started wearing soft lenses some time ago. But everyone I’ve talked to said it’s no big deal, it’s over fast, and listen, if I can deal with major surgery and a triplet pregnancy, I can deal with a few minutes of discomfort.

See you on the flip side! (Pun completely totally intended. Obvs.)

*Yes, I know, I’ll have to wear reading glasses one day soon. And maybe real glasses. Just indulge me in this fantasy.

2 thoughts on “It’s LASIK day!

  1. Julie

    I had mine done in January and it is the BEST!! Now…I did not take any advil and about 1/2 hour after the procedure it hurt – BAD. I mean, burned like someone set my eyeballs on fire. everyone told me to make sure i went home and slept it off — but i could not sleep becuase my eyes were burning so bad. So…I got home and took a benedryl and pain meds and was finally able to sleep. Woke up 3 hours later and WOW. no more pain and I could see the TV! Everyone had told me to take the pain meds ahead of and i totally forgot (honestly, it was total chaos that day with an unexpected meeting my husband couldn’t miss, a sick child that couldn’t go to daycare, etc). But…it all worked out!. So..moral of the story: TAKE PAIN MEDS BEFORE SURGERY. And it’s smooth sailing from there. Good luck! and congrats!


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