What bird is this?

The window next to my desk has an air conditioning unit on it. This side of the house gets full sun, so a long time ago, we put in the unit and installed film on the windows to reduce the heat. I tell you this because this morning, this gal/guy was hanging out on the air conditioner, just chilling and cooing.


I mentioned the window film because I am pretty sure s/he couldn’t see me because it’s reflective. So that’s handy.

I tried to get a video clip of the cooing, but while I was filming, Bird 1 flies off and Bird 2 is now holding down the fort.


This one has a very…”don’t let this guy drive the bus” look, don’t you think?


So I guess they’re pigeons? I suppose I could use something more reliable than a children’s book to identify it, hmm.


9 thoughts on “What bird is this?

    1. Oh, I think you’re right! And doves are a type of pigeon, right? So I wasn’t too far off. I really thought the cooing was dove-like, so this all makes sense now. 🙂


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