Another Keswick walk: to Castlerigg stone circle

IMG_2349Another day, another breakfast, another walk. We ended up spending the day between our two big walks in the town of Cockermouth, where we went on a brewery tour and visited a few pubs (shocker.) For breakfast, I chose the slightly less hearty meal of yogurt and granola, plus scrambled eggs with salmon. Good choice.

But on Sunday, we were ready to tackle another one. This time, in keeping with our theme of “walks with Castle in the name,” we decided to take a walk that encompassed the Castlerigg stone circle. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to see this stone circle, but it started right near our B&B, and the distance was manageable (about 4 miles.)

Well, not to give away the ending, but it was exquisite.

We had picked up a brochure from the visitor’s center with this particular walk in it, so if you find yourself in Keswick (and you really should, one day), make sure you stop by and purchase your map of this particular walk so you don’t get lost. It’s only 95p.

First, we walked up a road to a farm. Here is the farm. I know. It’s kind of a cliche, right?


Beyond the farm there was a path through the woods. Seriously, this?


The path started to climb. (This is looking back.)


But with any good climb comes gorgeous vistas.


This particular climb was a bit challenging, not so much because of the grade, but because triathletes were zipping past us down the hill. Fast. And sometimes the path was quite narrow.

I found it charming that they had to pause to go through a gate in the middle of the route. They probably didn’t.

So, on we went.


I remember thinking, oh, only a fifth of a mile to the stone circle, cool! But that is not true at all. No, the path to the stone circle was 1/5 mile away. Not that it mattered, but for a while I was expecting it to be around the next bend, when in reality it was still a couple of miles away.

Anyway, first we walked through some fields with sheep. We were climbing over fences and I felt like Elizabeth Bennet a little bit, but without the long skirts.


What isn’t so obvious is that this rocky path was a minefield of sheep poop. I was wearing Tevas, so I had to be extra careful. Especially after a stick decided to remove part of the skin between my toes.

These sheep were obviously very used to humans, because I was very close to them, and they just posed for me. The twins:


And check out this guy or gal:

Totally working the camera.

So along we went, through many fields, and up a narrow lane…

oh wait, we did get to the stone circle, but first, you have to check out the cows. They seemed super skeptical of me. Or maybe in love. I’m not sure.

Running cow!


Hiding cow!


Heh. I think I could be a cow model photographer or something.

Anyway, yes, we did get to the stone circle, at last!

There were a lot of tourists, so I didn’t take a ton of pics.

Since what goes up must come down, our walk finally headed downhill, back into town.


And how do you reward yourself after a long walk like that?


Sunday roast lunch! Yum.