Can you guess who this angelic grin belongs to?

No, I’m serious. Can you? How well can you tell my boys apart?

13 thoughts on “07/20/10

  1. Kay

    I have NO idea!!!! Maybe if I was around them, I would be able to tell. Can the daycare providers tell them apart?? No matter what, they are the cutest!!


  2. Ann

    wow, what a great smile. look so handsome.. i can predict how he looks like when he is teenager hehe.

    I guess is Linus?


  3. Deanna

    Miles?? Linus is the one with the different hair part, right? That’s the only one I can pick out for sure!

    Did their daycare workers have a hard time? My identical girls start in August, and I’m hoping they won’t have trouble for long.


  4. Amy

    I was thinking Miles or Oliver because of the part. If I remember correctly too, I think it is Linus with the part on the other side.


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