My mamas!

Had dinner with the triplet mamas last night, and one showed up who I haven’t seen in ages. Now, Alicia (on the left) and I see each other a fair bit. I used to work on the website for The Irish House, and her girls are going to be starting at the boys’ school next month (yay!) But I haven’t seen Stephanie in years. I know she came to visit me in the hospital when I had back surgery (though the memory is very woozy) but that might have been the last time.


So it was really awesome to see her.

The backstory is that these are the mamas who had their babies in the same hospital at around the same time. (Mine were born in the morning, Alicia’s quads in the evening, and Stephanie’s triplets about 36 hours after that.)

We also took this picture of the babies when they were about 5 months old, and are scheming to do another version, seven years later. Maybe THIS time Ellen will take notice. Ha!


Can’t wait to see all of the kids together again!

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