Soccer, week 3: Crushing defeat

Well, we warned them that not all games were going to be 22-1 victories.

The game started out somewhat unbalanced. The boys were playing against a team of all girls – and not that I’m sexist, blah blah blah, but these girls were tiny compared to the boys.


This girl was throwing Miles some major side-eye. Look how much taller he is than her!



So yeah, they’re feeling pretty good about themselves.


But then after the first quarter, the coaches decided to make things fairer for everyone, and shuffled all the kids around. They ended up playing against other kids on their own team instead of the other team.

Oh, this is fun, we’re playing against our teammates!

But it quickly became obvious that this time, they were on the weaker side.


This pretty much summed it up:


But they were still having fun, so it’s all good. For the last quarter, they were re-teamed with the identical twins.


Look, two sets of DNA out of five kids!



Miles was doing pretty well going after the ball, but as the game went on, Linus and Oliver just seemed to wilt under the crushing defeat. Sigh.

It wasn’t pretty, and we had to have a serious talk about sportsmanship, and losing, and trying hard, and practicing, etc etc.

So. Hopefully next week, we’ll see an improvement in attitudes, if not skills.

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