Race report: New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll 10k

I wasn’t going to do this race. I had some good friends from work coming in town to do the half marathon and I told them, I’m not doing more half marathons. So I was going to make signs and support them.

But then last week, I was offered a free entry (via the mom’s blog) and I was like, FINE. But I only agreed to do the 10k. And then my work friends were like “yeah, 10k sounds better.”

I woke up bright and early (actually at 4:45 so it wasn’t bright at all) Sunday morning to get dressed and head over to the airbnb they were staying at. Since it was close to the finish line, I left the van there and we ubered to the start line.

It wasn’t too crowded when we got to the start, since the 10k started half an hour before the marathon.

Me, Elizabeth, Deborah

We decided about a minute before the race started to try 2 minute run, 1 minute walk intervals. (I wanted 1:1, Deborah wanted 3:1, so it was our compromise.)

And then we went. I mean, it was fine.

I kept having to remind myself it was only 6 miles, not 13 like the races I usually do. It was a beautiful day, but I would have liked a bit more shade on the route. But I’m just being picky. It was lovely.

Denise and Zandy cheered us on.

We finished in just under 1:20 (I had no time goal.) Got nice medals. (Deborah was mistakenly given a half marathon medal, ha ha.)


We met up with Zandy and Denise and then got food. And then laid around drinking mimosas and playing Two Dots. Kind of a perfect day.



4 thoughts on “Race report: New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll 10k

  1. Jen

    I would be trading in that medal. That would bug the crap out of me. I’ve not a 10K as an actual race. So my goal is to sign up for one this year. I like that distance, but they aren’t as common.


  2. Hannah Swain

    On the one hand, I’ve heard about all the things runners do to themselves – it doesn’t seem like running is great for you. On the other hand, I see posts like this and it just looks like So Much Fun!


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