March 16-20, 2016


March 16 – I took the boys to the library near our house, and they asked how old it was. I looked at the sign and realized it was dedicated exactly 100 years to the day before Millie was born! (I think. I’m terrible with birthdays.) (That aren’t mine.)


March 17 -Ziggy on our gray couch with the gray walls and the gray curtains and the gray side table. I’m in a gray phase. Note: this picture was before Ziggy decided he really needed to see how the stuffing in the cushions tastes. Grr.


March 18 – Took the kids for donuts before school. I’m sure their teachers loved me for that.


March 19 – Miles came home in his jammies from his first slumber party. He had such a great time, and now the boys want to have one. (He’d been to a sleepover before, but never a full fledged slumber party.)


March 20 – Miles had to do a timeline project for school. While it was a pain in the butt to get the photos printed (nothing like waiting til the last minute) I’m really proud of his work. He picked the photos and wrote the descriptions (all in French, of course.)