April 1 – 3, 2016

Gotta do a catchup post before tomorrow’s BIG monthly photo…number ONE HUNDRED. I should be embarrassed by the amount of time, thought, and money that have gone into this picture. But I’ve had fun with it, and the boys are actually excited. So stay tuned…


April 1 – Miles and Ziggy. So cute.


April 2 – It was an indescribably gorgeous day. Ziggy and I went for a three mile walk.


April 3 – Yet another insanely beautiful day. The boys and I went to the Insectarium and then walked around the French Quarter and got beignets and met up with some of my friends. My favorite moment was when this blue butterfly landed on my foot. (And then I looked at the picture on my computer instead of my phone and realized I should be embarrassed by the state of my toenail polish.)