Dancing boys!

Last year it was Miles, this year, Linus and Oliver got a turn to strut their stuff. And it was disgustingly adorable. I am writing this from beyond the grave, because it has killed me. RIP me.

Linus and his friends before:


Oliver and his buddies:


And now for the deadly part….

Oliver dances the merengue:

Linus’s turn to dance the merengue:

And now, Linus swing dances.

I’m truly sorry I made you watch this, because now your heart has exploded from all the cute. (At least if you’re an aunt, uncle, or grandparent.)

In between some of the kid dancing, there were demonstrations by grown ups. I want this lady’s legs.


When it was all over, time for prizes! Oliver’s class took home the gold!


and thank god for rewarding everyone, Linus’s class did as well!


Linus and Oliver and Diego pose with the trophy. Well, they try.


That’s better.